LOOK: Pinoy Artist's Poster for MOTHER! Selected by Paramount as Official Release

With the release of its psychological thriller "mother!", Paramount Pictures worked with Talenthouse to find talented artists around the world to create their own unique translation on Darren Aronofsky's new film. Each artist was given the audio from the first trailer as inspiration. One of the 12 artists selected is Philippines' own Edz Gatdula whose tribute poster for "mother!" appears below.
mother! - Talenthouse - Edz Gatdula
Edz Gatdula is a talented artist who joined Talenthouse only a couple months ago and known for his beautiful and dynamic pieces. Gatdula explains his process in creating his own "mother!" poster: “As I saw the promotional poster of the movie, the first thing that came up in my mind is to use the ESSENCE of a classical art nouveau for my poster, but in a simpler form by having a limited color palette and flat shades, which I normally do in most of my artwork.”

Now playing in Philippine cinemas, the film revolves around Mother (Jennifer Lawrence) and Him (Javier Bardem) who live in a seemingly idyllic existence in a secluded paradise. But the couple’s relationship is tested when man (Ed Harris) and woman (Michelle Pfeiffer) arrive at their home uninvited. Answering that knock disrupts their tranquil existence and as more and more guests arrive, mother is forced to revisit everything she knows about love, devotion and sacrifice. The film has received polarizing views from its initial release in the States but has been praised for its deep and artistic hidden meanings. This at least is one film will leave viewers discussing days or even weeks after seeing it. 

"mother!" is distributed in the Philippines by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

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