Rememory: Movie Review

"Rememory" is one of those films that feel such a waste. Its sci-fi premise, while nothing special, captured our interest. The emphatic and wonderful performance by Peter Dinklage undeniably brings a lot of character into the film. But all of this won't matter with its lackluster and B-movie like handling of its overall narrative.

Following the mysterious and untimely death of Gordon Dunn (Martin Donovan), a scientific pioneer who creates technology that allows extraction and playback of memories in all its glorious details, Sam Bloom (Peter Dinklage), a model maker and one who wants to know how brother's last words using Dunn's technology, sets about trying to solve the murder using Dunn's memory machine and the stored memories of each of his patients - each one a suspect in Bloom's opinion.
With the theme of memory at its core, it's ironic that "Rememory" mostly skimps on further working with its promising premise - a machine that could "accurately" record what you see and hear in its purest and most raw form. What we get is a film concentrated on Sam Bloom doing real-life sleuthing versus barely using the technology that should have been a literal game-changer. Additionally, it was frustrating to experience a film that presents possible key plot points and doing nothing with it. For example, the memory machine needs a trained psychologist to make it work and it was clearly stated that memories could be altered based on this. Instead of working with this to do some serious conflict within the narrative, the film assumed there on that all recorded memories are accurate or that Sam Bloom himself, a model maker, was capable of operating it on his own. Worse, the biggest secrets and reveals the film had in store were shockingly bad. We do not want to spoil anything but the "glitch" of the memory machine was just weird while you could see the twist on Sam's character a mile away. In the end, "Rememory" is a film that's a mystery first with basic sci-fi elements put in. It would have been a lot better if it was the other way around.
Rating: 1 and a half reels

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