Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 4 Review - Chapter Four: Will the Wise

Almost halfway this season and it’s astounding how the show has been able to juggle well between past and present. The fourth episode, aptly-named “Will the Wise”, shows the fate of Will from the last episode and boy is it scary.

The fourth episode starts right where we left off. Something is forcing its way into Will in the Upside Down. Our worst fears don't happen though and Will survives. While this is the case, something is definitely inside him that worries his mom and worries us. It’s pretty nice to see Joyce with Sherriff Hopper going on full detective mode again. It’s not as colorful as the Christmas lights but it does the job. We're pretty sure the Byers house will be something to look at towards the end of the season. Nancy and Jonathan try to reveal what happened to Barbara to her mom but they are stopped and brought to the Hawkins Laboratory and briefed on why they must keep it under lock and key. Nancy outwits everyone by doing a recording but this is definitely a move that may prove dumb in the long run. Finally, Dustin is lying about Dart which he secretly keeps at his home. This obviously breaks their saying that, "friends don't lie.", so that's that. When Dustin comes back from school, Dart grows eating Mews and the episode ends with Dart looking like the Demogorgon. Karma is not on his side at this point.

It seems like “Stranger Things” is moving extremely fast. Knowing we are just four episodes in, that’s great for everyone. They’re not prolonging this just for the sake of it and it seems that this season has a clear arc to conclude. This episode really highlighted strong performances from Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Schnapp and David Harbour which makes it even better against the great storylines converging at this point. While we are still feeling awkward with Max around, her personal life is turning out to be one we might need to watch out for in the coming episodes.

Rating: 5 reels

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