Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 6 Review - Chapter Six: The Spy

With a few episodes left this season, you would expect that “Stranger Things” should be getting better and better every episode but it seems this is not the case. Like the last episode, “The Spy” feels a little forced, a little out of touch and an episode that clearly shows the flaws from this season’s main plot.

The sixth episode starts with Will in serious pain. After he is operated on, he has trouble remembering certain people. Doctors also believe that he is a liability at this point. But whatever sickness he has, it seems that the Shadow Monster has evolved or adapted to make its survival more certain. By making Will tied to it, they just can’t kill it off without the serious possibility of also killing an innocent kid. This has serious repercussions for sure in the next episodes and it's interesting how they will find an out from this morally-heavy conundrum. Dustin and Steve try to kill Dart with a familiar bat from last season but Dart manages to escape by digging itself a hole. Well, that's convenient and quite predictable. On Nancy and Jonathan's front, they have finally sent off to major newspapers their exposé. With that done, their relationship also develops to something more. Poor Steve though as Team Jonathan is obviously the winner by now. And Steve, being with Dustin, is definitely affecting his life in more ways than one. Worse, both guys are seriously losing to their "rivals" this point. Speaking of Dustin, he finally gets to contact Lucas which means they have more hands in stopping Dart. They hatch a plan but ultimately fail as it is soon revealed that Dart is not the only Demogorgon around town. As several Demogorgons are about to devour them, they suddenly leave the group behind to their surprise. The reason? It’s Will as he reveals a vulnerable point in the Upside Down that may stop the Shadow Monster in its tracks. But soon it is revealed that Will is a spy and that his revelation was all a lie.

While a lot was revealed in “The Spy”, we didn’t like most of these at all. We especially don’t know how to feel about Will’s dark turn. It seems that Will is doing this on purpose or at least he’s not making an effort to stop the Shadow Monster from controlling him. On the other end, we were also shocked to find more Demogorgons than Dart without any serious explanations. While more was revealed about Max and her brother, it’s quite of a letdown considering how much leading up was put into it. We still think her character needs more time and more respectable plot points. Overall, "The Spy" was just a sloppy mess.

Rating: 3.5 reels

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