Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 9 Review - Chapter Nine: The Gate

The last episode is finally here and the episode is a tight-end to a mixed season. While "The Gate" ties up loose ends and opens up to another third season, it also falls flat in a lot of ways.

Well, the "being together" bit didn't last long enough as everyone is now going on their own separate ways again. Hopper and Eleven go back to the lab to close the gate to finally stop the Shadow Monster as instructed by Will. While Joyce, Jonathan, and Nancy go to Hopper’s secret hideout to kill the virus that’s infecting Will in the hopes that this will actually release Will from the Shadow Monster’s influence. Steve, is now the official babysitter and left with the remainder of the kids to prevent them from doing something stupid and dangerous. That, unfortunately, doesn’t go as planned. They all go to the pumpkin farm where Hopper dug a hole to the Upside Down planning to lure the Demodogs away from the Hawkins Laboratory to protect Eleven while she closes the gate.

As expected, the final episode is a literal whirlwind as Season 2 closes. Good thing though as the episode was able to close everything quite well. While we are not satisfied with this season's overall arc with its penchant to find silly solutions to the problems and challenges the character's faced, the final 10 minutes or so did leave a lasting mark. In fact, it's was heart-warming to see Hopper turn out to be a real father figure for Eleven. She needs family more than anything else while Hopper needs to move on from her daughter. This symbiotic relationship was a mess earlier this season but thank God it all turned out well in the end. As for Will, Dustin, Lucas, and Mike, they also got what they wanted and needed in the end and that's great and put a smile on our faces. The final scene puts another cliffhanger most likely related to the next season but it's not as compelling as before.

Rating: 4 reels

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