LOOK: Superhero Movies Box Office Performances Ranked

Superhero movies have been around for quite a long time. From our grandparents, parents and our generation and the next, superheroes have always been a part of the big screen's appeal to transport audiences into different and unique experiences. But let's be honest, this decade has been a whirlwind of superhero films of varying qualities. Luckily, most of them are top-notch and while there has been a mix of great and rotten releases, this is probably one of the most diverse and golden eras for the superhero genre. Given the plethora of films, how do we even rank them and how do we say a film or a superhero universe has been more successful than the other? Which recent decade has been better? Well, the guys at SeatUp.com just made a quick infographic on the matter. From 2001 to 2017, they have ranked the Top 20 films based on Box Office performance. While you may think Marvel has a complete grip on the genre, you might be surprised on which DC flicks actually make the top list. See the infographic below:
Click the infographic for full details.
Source: https://seatup.com/super-hero-movie-sales-rankings-box-office

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