You Can Watch Koreanovela A KOREAN ODYSSEY on Netflix Right Now

Fantasy, romance, comedy, drama, adventure ⎼ the Koreanovela "A Korean Odyssey" has all the elements that should make it stand out. Even better, the show is a modern reimagination of the classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West" - considered as one of the great classical novels in Chinese literature. The show revolves around powerful god Son Oh-gong (Monkey King) who has been banished to the human realm. His only chance for redemption is drinking the flesh and blood of a monk. Instead of consuming her, Son Oh-gong falls deeply in love instead. Interesting? If yes, you can give the show a shot right now at Netflix. You can also find a brief intro to each of the main characters if "A Korean Odyssey" below:

Son Oh-gong (played by Lee Seung-gi) - “Arrogant and Decadent Exiled God”
A powerful god in the celestial sphere, the Monkey King, Son Oh-gong (based on Sun Wukong), is exiled to the human world with his powers sealed. In order to recover his power, he must eat the flesh of Jin Sun-mi (monk). However, when Oh-gong finally meets Sun-mi, he falls in love with her due to a golden ring that puts him under a spell. Although Oh-gong desires to take off this golden ring, eat up Sunmi, and regain his power, one thing keeps him away: he is gradually falling for Sun-mi.

Woo Hwi-chul/King Wooma (played by Cha Seung-won) - “God of all the Evil Spirits”
Woo Ma-wang was a Bull Demon King in the celestial world, but in modern life he is a popular and charismatic CEO of an entertainment agency. In the past, he made a fatal error that led Oh-gong to be released from a spell that stranded him from the world. With that reason, Ma-wang has to take care of Oh-gong, and clean up his mess. Currently, he is in his last training to become a Supernatural Immortal.

Jin Sun-mi (played by Oh Yeon-seo) - “One and Only Person who can Tame Oh-gong”
Born as a Samzang monk, Sun-mi is unaware of her extraordinary powers until she meets Son Oh-gong. In modern life, Sun-mi is a beautiful and attractive woman who can see evil spirits. The golden ring she wore as a child has the power to protect her but when she gives it to Oh-gong, she gets involved in bad incidents. With Oh-gong beside her, Sun-mi is not afraid of any evil spirits. However, Sun-mi is curious whether Oh-gong will still love her even after the golden ring is taken off.

P.K. (played by Lee Hong-gi) - “Superstar Idol who Supports Sun-mi”
Originally a pig monster, P.K is currently a top star and has the power to entice women. By absorbing the spirits of the women who worship him, P.K slowly develops his power. While trying to absorb Sun-mi’s spirit, he gets caught by Oh-gong and is nearly banished. However, thanks to Sun-mi’s mercy, he survives and follows Oh-gong and Sunmi. His popularity and sociability help Sun-mi solve problems and move forward.

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