LOOK: Cute Character Posters Unveiled for Winnie the Pooh and Friends for CHRISTOPHER ROBIN

Take your first look at the brand new character posters of Winnie The Pooh and his friends in the newly-released one-sheet artworks from Disney. Featured are Christopher Robin’s best friend, WINNIE THE POOH (Jim Cummings), a cuddly, slightly-worn teddy bear full of optimism whose tummy is often rumbly.

The fearless, outgoing, energetic and incredibly self-assured, TIGGER (Jim Cummings) who is an orange and black-striped tiger who often leaps before he looks.
EEYORE (Brad Garrett), an old grey donkey with a melancholy disposition and a penchant for sarcasm.
PIGLET (Nick Mohammed) who is a petite, angst-ridden pig who is shy, soft-spoken and easily frightened.
A kind-hearted female kangaroo, KANGA (Sophie Okonedo) who is a mother to Roo and a warm and maternal figure to all the animals.
Disney’s “Christopher Robin” will be released in Philippine cinemas nationwide August 1, 2018.
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