The Timeless Style and Fashion Care Tips from a Blogger, Worker, Entrepreneur, and a Dad

2018 has been my most challenging year yet. This is the year when everything in my life has grown to the next level. At work, I got promoted to a higher position with a lot more responsibilities in tow plus we secured a very big account. In my own business, I opened up a new store branch this year. And in my own personal life, I became a dad. Juggling my time is a crazy activity in itself every single day and to survive, I have to be very flexible and this includes my timeless style:

The concept is pretty simple, I want to make sure I’m presentable and be as comfortable in any scenario – may it be work, business, hobby, or hanging out with the baby – without having the need to do a massive do-over of my look every single time.

My favorite accessory - my baby boy
Let’s start off with the Top. I’m quite lucky that my work allows for casual wear every day (not unless there’s a critical face-to-face client meet) so I tend to wear a dark t-shirt with minimal design or plain dark polo. The darker shade helps hide my less-than-ideal dad bod. Why minimal or no design? Well in the simple fact that it is more flexible and acceptable in all scenarios. 

Moving on the Bottoms, my go-to are plain jeans. Nothing beats the rugged and durable nature of jeans. It is simply a classic in any situation and any scenario. You can pair it with sneakers or leather shoes, long-sleeved polos or regular shirts or blazer and still look presentable.

Finally, my Shoes are running shoes. Weird? It might be but for me, it makes a whole lot of sense. First, running shoes are very comfortable. They are lighter and designed to support your foot. This helps me a lot as I usually tend to walk a lot. Second, I usually run at least thrice a week. Not only is it more comfortable overall but I need not worry to bring extra shoes when I decide its time to do some exercise.
My two favorite shoes right now

While my timeless style may seem to have simple and affordable items, taking care of them is still an important activity. Here are my top tips that I use daily:

1. Separate Dark colors, Light colors, and Whites
This is an age-old saying that people tend to forget. Never ever mix colored clothes with whites and in extension, darker colors with lighter colors. Not unless you want all your lighter items to have that 90s tie-dye effect.

2. Always Check your Pockets
This is important in more ways than you think. Not only can you lose money, gadgets, or important paperwork but if you’re using a washing machine or dryer, those items could damage the machine also. Double ouch.

3. Folding is very important
Removing creases from clothes is no easy task so imagine after all the work, you fold badly. All the hard work spent to build up your clean clothes gone in an instant.

4. Never be Afraid to Re-use Jeans
This may sound icky but jeans are actually better off washed after 4 to 5 wears. Not only will you be saving your jeans but you’re also saving the environment and money by washing less.

5. Scents are Over-rated
You don’t need to use heavily-scented detergents and fabric conditioners to make your clothes clean. In fact, just as long as there’s no smell after a wash, your clothes are probably clean and free from any bacteria or germs.

6. White Vinegar is Magic
If you go to the detergent aisle in the supermarket, you'll probably see items that do specific things like stain-removal, odor-removal, color brightener, whitener, softener, etc. What if I told you that all you need is white vinegar to do all of those and more? Just add a little in your wash or spray a little and let it do its wonders. Plus it contains no harmful chemicals and pretty cheap to purchase (yes, Datu Puti works).

7. Automatic Washing Machines and Dryers make life easier
With my very busy schedule, I have less time to do manual work if at all. Automatic washing machines and dryers like the ones sold by Electrolux are the perfect pairs to make your life and schedule a little bit easier. Just leave your clothes and wait for it to finish. Not only are they reliable, but they are also of high-quality with various features like reducing wrinkles, allergens, and making your timeless look clothing items last longer. Now that makes washing a breeze.

Want to take care of your Timeless Style? Then Electrolux may have the right Holiday deal for you with their Amazing Holideals promotion which provides up to 25% discount and freebies on their various washing machine and dryer models. More on the top features you should expect from an Electrolux machine below:

The UltraMix system keeps your timeless look looking new and vibrant for longer. The technology, premixes and fully dissolves detergent to deliver deeper clean in cold wash and better color care with 31% less fading.

The Load Sensor Feature displays the laundry weight and the recommended detergent of every wash leaving no guesswork and making sure your items have enough detergent to actually make them clean. This also ensures you get the most out of each load with optimal time, water and energy efficiency.

Safely wash your precious woolens on their Wool Cycle which is Woolmark-approved. This dedicated cycle preserves your machine-washable woolens with minimum felting and optimum cleansing efficiency so they look and feel new for longer.

Vapour Refresh quickly freshens and gently revives your garments without detergent. Your clothes are gently tumbled in vapor so you can have your fashion refreshed in just 35 minutes. Without the heat of regular ironing, your clothes keep their shape and texture for longer.

Their Vapour Care Technology ends each wash with a gentle whoosh of vapour to reduce wrinkles and achieve smoother finish effortlessly. Reaching 40 degrees Celcius, it also eradicates 99.9% of allergen without damaging your items.

Electrolux’s EcoInverter Motor gives you reliable performance that is quiet with less vibration and backed by a 10-year warranty on the motor. You'll enjoy seamless results with up to 75% reduced energy consumption compared to other washing machine models without the EcoInverter motor.

Their Time Manager Feature has selectable time options that let you decrease or increase the washing program duration based on how dirty your clothes are. With this flexibility, not only do you save time and energy, you also prolong the life of your clothes by minimizing overwashing.

What’s your own timeless look? Do you have any tips for me? I would like to hear from you.

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