WATCH: THE POSSESSION OF HANNAH GRACE Trailer Debut Has a Lot of Frightening Potential

"When you die you die" or "Death is only the beginning". Two statements that are completely opposite from each other and the conundrum the main character of the upcoming horror film "The Possession of Hannah Grace". In the film, a shocking exorcism spirals out of control, claiming the life of a young woman named Hannah Grace. Months later, Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell) is working the graveyard shift in the morgue when she takes delivery of the disfigured cadaver of Hannah. Locked alone inside the basement corridors, Megan begins to experience horrifying visions and starts to suspect that the body may be possessed by a ruthless demonic force out to find a new vessel. Directed by Diederik Van Rooijen, the film stars Shay Mitchell, Grey Damon, Kirby Johnson and Stana Katic. Watch the first trailer of "The Possession of Hannah Grace" below:

In Philippine cinemas December 5, 2018, "The Possession of Hannah Grace" is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Use the hashtag #PossessionMovie in your social media posts.

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