3rd German Film Week Exclusively Screening at Select SM Cinemas from November 7 to 11

This month, SM Cinema and the Goethe Institut Philippines and Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), brings local audiences to the other side of the world as they present the 3rd edition of the German Film Week. The event will feature ten (10) full-length films that celebrate and exemplifies the brilliance of German cinema. As a treat, the German Film Week tickets won't break the bank and priced only at Php100.00 per film (USD 2.00). Even better, during the opening night on November 6 at SM Aura Cinema 2, the film "Only God Can Judge Me" is free on a first-come-first-served basis. The 3rd German Film Week runs from November 7 to 11 2018 at SM Aura Premier and SM City North EDSA with planned screenings in Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, and Baguio later this year. More information on the ten films below:

1. Only God Can Judge Me (Nur Gott kann mich richten)
A former gangster, Ricky (Moritz Bleibtreu) was newly-released prisoner before he was offered by his former partner-in-crime Latif, a new job to do. However, their heist job is about to be jeopardized by a shady police officer named Diana (Birgit Minichmayr). Find out whose ulterior motive will win in their intense cat and mouse hunt like game.

2. In the Fade (Aus dem Nichts)
The film follows the life of Katja (Diane Kruger) as she seeks justice for the death of her husband and son after they became victims of a terrorist bombing. Eventually, the police identified a neo-Nazi couple as the perpetrators. However, after a failed trial, Katja is devastated and soon she will resort to vigilante justice.

3. Rock My Heart (Mein Weildes Herz)
Witness the inspiring story of Jana (Lena Klenke), a young girl with a heart defect, as she faces her once-in-a-lifetime adventure, becoming a jockey to an extraordinary wild stallion together with Paul (Dieter Hallarvorden), a former horseracing star. Even when she feels her limits, she never gives up and doesn't let go of her dreams. She knows it takes courage to race, but it takes even more to say yes to life again.

4. Forget about Nick (Viel Lärm um Nick)
A comedy film, Forget about Nick features the lives of two very different women, Jade (Ingrid Bolso Berdal) and Maria (Katja Riemann), as they try to face each other over a New York loft given to them by Nick (Haluk Bilginer), their common unfaithful ex-husband. Find out how these two ladies survive each other.

5. The Captain (Der Hauptmann)
Based on a true story, this World War II film focuses on a 19-year-old private Willi Herold (Max Hubacher) as he accidentally discovers an abandoned uniform of a highly decorated Luftwaffe captain and used it to be known as “Captain Herold”. Willi uses his position and power to gather soldiers and complete an imaginary assignment but as his story continues an unexpected dark side of him unfolds.

6. 303
A story of a destined two lovers, 303 centers on the lives of Jan (Anton Spieker) and Jule (Mala Emde) and their accidental meet. Jan, a believer that everyone is naturally selfish, was stranded in Berlin when Jule, a kind and sociable woman, offered him a lift in her camper van as they were both heading to the Atlantic: Jan to Spain and Jule to her boyfriend in Portugal. Witness their love story develops as Jan and Jule share their journey across Western Europe.

7. Styx
An award-winning drama, Styx follows the story of Rike (Susanne Wolff), a doctor who celebrates her much-awaited break as she sails from Gibraltar to Ascension, a small tropical island in the middle of Atlantic. Unfortunately, she encounters a group of refugees asking for help. Will she stick to her plan and enjoy her much-awaited vacation or take a detour of her trip and help these people in need?

8. The Final Journey (Leanders letzte Reise)
Eduard Leander (Jurgen Prochnow), a 92-year-old former German officer, go away alone to find a woman that he fell in love during the war. However, his granddaughter Adele (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) followed him and accidentally joined the trip of her grandfather. Now, the quest is on and they are set in an adventure of love, war, and destiny.

9. The Invisibles (Die Unsichtbaren)
Another war film set in 1943, The Invisibles follows the life of four Jews who are escaping the persecution of their race. Based on the true stories of the actual survivors, witness how these people survive the horrors of World War II in Berlin.

10. Transit
Transit is the story of a desperate man who escaped France after the Nazi invasion stole the identity of a dead author. After an unfortunate turn of events in Marseilles, he was stuck and met a woman who is looking for her missing husband – the man that he assumed identity.

You can also book your tickets in advance through the website, www.smcinema.com or download the SM Cinema mobile app.

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