Would You Pretend to Be Someone Else's Loved One for 1 Million Pesos? The Japanese Film SNOW FLOWER Tries to Answer that Question

Would you pretend to be someone else's loved one in exchange for money? This is the ridiculous yet intriguing premise that the Japanese film "Snow Flower" is gunning for. "Snow Flower" is about a year in the life of a young woman named Miyuki (Ayami Nakajo). Here's the twist, it is her last year ever, according to her doctor’s prognosis. Just as she’s about to abandon all hope, she briefly meets Yusuke (Hiroomi Tosaka), a kind stranger in wintertime Tokyo, who gives her hope. Miyuki and Yusuke cross paths again six months after they first met and with her time running out, Miyuki courageously offers Yusuke a deal: be her boyfriend for one month in exchange for one million yen. Yusuke, who desperately needs a financial boost, accepts the offer to continue supporting his younger siblings. Based on the iconic Japanese winter song “Yuki no Hana” (Snow Flower), this young-adult, drama, romance movie will remind you what it truly means to be alive and present in the moment. Catch the film's local trailer below:

Distributed by Axinite Digicinema in the Philippines, it’s a date on February 6 to watch "Snow Flower" this love month 2019.

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