First Round Down: Movie Review

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Uniquely quirky, unabashedly outlandish, and self-aware, "First Round Down" brought enough into the table to be quite enjoyable. While the film's story and writing needed a little more polish, the excellent camera work and soundtrack ensures that audiences will find "First Round Down" a satisfying brainless watch.

Photos courtesy of Brett Butler YouTube Channel
Ice hockey star Tim Tucker (Dylan Bruce) encounters a career-ending injury. He disappears from his hometown but goes back after a decade to take care of his only brother Matthew (Percy Hynes White). The once rising star becomes a pizza delivery driver to make ends meet. During one of his deliveries, he encounters his ex-girlfriend Kelly (Rachel Wilson) and word starts to spread that the Tim Tucker is back in town. Through some unfortunate twists and turns, it is revealed that Tim holds a dark secret since his injury happened - secrets that are starting to chase him once again.
Photos courtesy of Brett Butler YouTube Channel
"First Round Down" is a literal roller coaster ride. At times, the film looks awesomely professional with cinematography and beats that rivals even the best Hollywood films. But from shot to shot, quality dips and the real nature of its budget and production is unveiled. These are the same cases for its acting, its script, and writing. If we could sum up the cast, each one had good enough performances stifled mostly by the film's screenplay. Lead actor Dylan Bruce had his moments but the script made some of his deliveries quite awkward. If we could choose a favorite, it would be Rob Ramsay as Tim Tucker's best friend. His acting came out the most natural and the most effective in terms of humor. The story itself was unique and ultimately, refreshing. It had its surprises and a shocking reveal near the middle of the film. But certain elements just did not make sense. The ending in particular was haphazardly written and closed off. The heist was also a complete head-scratcher with little regard for its implications. Even with its faults, "First Round Down" turned out to be a satisfying watch led by likable characters, great visuals and audio.
Photos courtesy of Brett Butler YouTube Channel
Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- cinematography and soundtrack was surprisingly great

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the story and script was inconsistent and poorly-written

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