Adolescence: Movie Review

The dark, gritty, and realistic path that "Adolescence" decides to take defines why this film found a way to stand out. The world of drugs and addiction it presented was terrifying, moving and more importantly, grounded. But strong performances from its leads and stunning camera work cannot save it from poor pacing and writing.

A young teen from a dysfunctional family, Adam (Mickey River) fatefully meets a beautiful girl Alice (India Eisley) when his best friend teaches him how to interact with the opposite sex. Quickly falling in love, Adam thinks that his luck is finally turning around but when she leads him down the dark path of sex, parties, and drug addiction, he finds himself in a far worse situation than he could ever have imagined.
The spiraling and dark nature of "Adolescence" caught us off guard. On one-hand, this was an extremely depressing film but on the other hand, the gravity of emotions was tangible and real that it affected us so much. Much of this can be accredited to top-notch acting from its cast. Specifically, the chemistry between Mickey River and India Eisley was undeniably sweet but also moving at the same time. Unfortunately, the second half feels wasted as bad pacing and plot development had us wanting more from "Adolescence". Several plot points are completely forgotten like Adam's studies or how the parents of Adam seem to be oblivious to him being away all of the time. The film heavily-featured montages of sex, drugs, and abuse lovingly presented with stunning and great cinematography. While exquisite to look at, these montages fail to deliver any deep character development. Overall, "Adolescence" is a coming-of-age film that still feels substantial and rewarding even with its setbacks. It has a clear and moving message that feels worthy of the entry price.
Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the chemistry between Mickey River and India Eisley is undeniably sweet and moving

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the pacing and writing felt off as several plot devices are completely forgotten throughout the film

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