Seven Sundays: Movie Review

The narrative of "Seven Sundays" is one that has been hashed out countless times. But it finds a way to stand out due to strong performances from its cast presenting a family drama that's authentic and relatable.

When the patriarch of the Bonifacio family discovers that he has cancer and has seven weeks to love, the Bonifacio siblings are forced to meet each other and settle deep grudges between themselves.
How many times have we seen a film tackling awkward reunions between siblings who hate each other? To say that "Seven Sundays" was formulaic is an understatement. It's narrative was predictable at its best. But like that Marvel superhero film have proven time and time again, being formulaic ain't so bad - you just need to compensate that deficiency somewhere else. "Seven Sundays" made sure that what it lacks in fresh ideas it compensated with fleshed out characters. While not all characters were given justice, most of the major characters had their own issues and surprises that really turned up our interest levels. Inject those characters with superb acting and undeniable chemistry then what you get is a dramatic film with a lot of punch. While "Seven Sundays" won't shake you with it's story, it's characters will resonate with your emotional core.
Rating 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
Superb acting with even more superb chemistry from the major cast

Why you shouldn't watch it:
The narrative is a rehash without much surprises

You can stream "Seven Sundays" on Netflix.

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