Fractured: Movie Review

From the get go, "Fractured" feels like its bound for complete and utter failure as its screenplay completely lacked potential to bring in any surprises. For some inexplicable reason, the film indirectly telegraphs its intentions to the audiences making you guess what the next scene will most likely show. Unfortunately, even with its very twisted ending, nothing can save "Fractured" from just being a solid and standard experience.

Ray Monroe (Sam Worthington), his wife Joanne (Lily Rabe) and daughter Peri (Lucy Capri) are on a road trip for Thanksgiving. Along the way, they decide to take some time off at a rest stop. About to leave, Peri injures herself on a construction site. Worried, Ray and Joanne take their daughter to the nearest hospital to make sure she's okay. The hospital decides that a CT scan is best for Peri while Joanne accompanies her. After almost half a day, his family hasn't returned and Ray panics and discovers that there are no records or evidence that his daughter was even admitted.
We love films with a twist but we hate it when it fails to eke out any surprises. "Fractured" turns out to be one of those films. The film frustrates as it attempts to play around multiple twists but for some reason decides to give most of these away to audiences. If not handing it over, the film has little originality feeling like a run-of-the-mill thriller mystery throughout its run time. Even with these major issues, we'll have to admit that we still found ourselves enjoying the film at times as it tries to plays around the concept of how subjective reality really is. Obviously, Sam Worthington takes the cake in terms of acting and we have to commend his convincing and intense performance knowing how the film's lack of potential. The ending will be definitely the film's make it or break it point for some and its also the most divisive and that basically sums up why "Fractured" is just okay. It feels too safe and becoming a master of none. For a film that had a lot of branching paths, the film feels like it took the easiest and most obvious forks every single time.
Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- even with its issues, it's still enjoyable as it makes you question what is real and what is not
- convincing acting from Sam Worthington

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- predictable and telegraphed means there will be no or little surprises
- ending is going to be controversially divisive

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