GEMINI MAN Available in 3D High Frame Rate (HFR) in the Philippines in Select Cinemas

Paramount Pictures’ new action-thriller "Gemini Man" utilizes the High Frame Rate (HFR) technology designed to further enhance the movie-going experience for audiences. Director Ang Lee shot the film in 120 frames per second. For those not familiar to frame rates, a typical movie would be in 24 frames per second. The HFR technology means that each shot will have better visual clarity showing more detail in each shot. Combined with 4K resolution and using 3D technology, the film promises incredible visual and aural immediacy for the audience. The technology us quite new but some theaters do support the format. In the Philippines, moviegoers can experience "Gemini Man" in 3D HFR format in Ayala Vertis North, Ayala Fairview Terraces, Robinsons Movieworld Magnolia, Robinsons Movieworld San Pedro Laguna, and Vista Cinemas IMAX With Laser at Evia Lifestyle Center.

"Gemini Man" is the first major feature film to create a photo real all-digital main human character specifically the younger version of Will Smith. Will Smith stars in Gemini Man as both Henry Brogan, a veteran ex-Special Forces sniper turned assassin for a clandestine government organization; and, with the assistance of ground-breaking visual effects, as Junior, the mysterious younger operative with peerless fighting skills who is suddenly targeting him in a global chase which takes them from the estuaries of Georgia to the streets of Cartagena and Budapest. Also starring are Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen and Benedict Wong.

"Gemini Man" is distributed in the Philippines by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures and opened today, October 9, in local cinemas. Use the hashtag #GeminiManPH

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