Gerald's Game: Movie Review

Dying alone, helpless, and in solitude is one of the scariest things that can happen to anyone. "Gerald's Game" place with that idea and amps it up into another level. The topic is nothing new but the way the film takes it narrative is a mix of the disturbing and one of deep character study. It leaves a unique mark that should keep you talking about it long after the credits roll.

Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) and Jessie (Carla Gugino) are on a romantic getaway out in the woods to help salvage their marriage. What starts out as a kinky game from Gerald, handcuffing his wife to the bed, turns deadly when Gerald suddenly dies and Jessie is stuck without a way to easily free herself. Alone without anyone near her midst, Jessie must fight her way out physically and mentally against her inner demons.
The first scene of "Gerald's Game" starts innocently but eventually clues you in that nothing is as it seems. And this is probably one of the consistent anchors the film plays around with throughout its run time. Nothing you see can be confirmed as real. And as the title may imply, no this does not revolve around Gerald but on his wife, Jessie and how she fights for survival physically and critically, mentally. The character was portrayed stunningly by Carla Gugino as she was able to provide a very nuanced and believable performance. But beyond the outstanding acting, the film also employed stunning direction and visuals. Mike Flanagan is easily becoming one of our favorite directors with his penchant to focus on characters more than the monsters. "Gerald's Game" will hook you in with its narrative as well as it slowly unravels the secrets that Jessie has hidden throughout her life. We just found the ending, a twist of sorts, somewhat unnecessary. On some level, the film is a disturbing film with it's own share of cringe-worthy moments. But beyond the horrors though, what really struck a chord was how well it was able to flush out it's characters.
Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- a deep character study that will have you hooked from start to finish
- stellar performance from Carla Gugino and the supporting cast

Why you shouldn't watch it-
- the ending in particular was unnecessary

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