Get to Know the Characters of DEAD KIDS - Releasing on Netflix December 1, 2019

A socially awkward teen bonds with a group of misfits who plot to take out the school's arrogant rich kid until their kidnapping scheme turns deadly. Based on true events, “Dead Kids” is directed by director, Mikhail Red. Produced by Globe Studios, "Dead Kids" launches globally on Netflix December 1, 2019 and had its red carpet premiere as the closing film at this year's Cinema One Originals Film Festival last November 17, 2019. One of the biggest pulls for the film are definitely its wide variety of high school characters. Get to know each one below:

Mark Sta. Maria (Kelvin Miranda) - A senior high school student scholar enrolled at the Academy of St. Anthony de Padua. An unfulfilled conformist, this meek boy from the province harbors a deep disdain towards his elitist peers and superiors — a main reason for his inability to maintain close friends, However, when he is finally invited to Blanco’s gang, the indecisive and aimless Sta. Maria unwittingly allows himself to be used and steered by the very same people he resents.

Charles Blanco (Vance Larena) - Charismatic, attractive — the mastermind of the kidnapping scheme — Blanco seems the most objective and calculative, occasionally serving as the mediator in the group. However, pent-up angst against his stern police chief father, and an inferiority complex to kidnap victim Chuck, pushes Blanco to his sanity’s limits — revealing a wrathful character, countered only by his sense of self-righteousness and naive view on morality and societal problems.

Paolo Gabriel (Khalil Ramos) - Funny, carefree, vulgar, and sex-addicted—easily the joker in the group—the apathetic Paolo’s only apparent compassion stems from his subservience to his girlfriend, Yssa. Paolo is also the most affluent amongst his peers, as evidenced by his “hypebeast” streetwear.

Gideon Uy (Jan Silverio) - The smooth, vapor puffing Uy acts as the brains behind the kidnapping scheme. A natural-born elitist, Uy is the only member of the dead kids to initially show animosity towards Sta. Maria. However, Uy’s knowledge, manufactured confidence and ambiguous sexuality has turned him into the butt of Paolo’s insults — causing the two to regularly clash.

Chuck Santos (Markus Paterson) - Handsome, tisoy, charismatic, self-absorbed — the poster boy of all school jocks — Chuck oozes bravado and confidence and selfishly relishes at any pleasure he can get at the expense of others—a privilege afforded due to being the son of an affluent drug lord. The seemingly untouchable Chuck soon fears for his life, however, when he is kidnapped by Blanco’s group.

Janina Camiloza (Sue Ramirez) - Hopeful, focused, popular yet warm and friendly, the attractive Janina, an aspiring actress, serves as Sta. Maria’s main object of desire, having shared a close friendship with her in the past.

Yssa Miranda (Gabby Padilla) - Paolo’s girlfriend and one of their school’s popular girls. Like most of the students in St. Escriva, Yssa appears to be privileged and shallow, but appears to have the most compassion and heart towards the end, when she goes against Chuck’s kidnapping.

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