The Man Without Gravity (L'uomo Senza Gravità): Movie Review

Playful and creative, as its title implies, the film involves a man that literally floats and unaffected by gravity. The premise and the actual story following it was amusing. But the film could have done more and there's this sinking feeling that the outcome was the most basic route it could have taken.
Ever since he was born, Oliver has been unaffected by gravity. Due to his condition, he has been forbidden to leave their house by his grandmother and mother. But when Oliver's mom Natalia finds a way to weigh him down, Oliver starts to explore a world he has barely known throughout his life.

The film "The Man Without Gravity" never explains why it's protagonist floats. For most, that would be weird even a deal breaker but the film is not about the condition but the boy and the man behind it. This is where the film shines as it explores and embraces the weirdness of its premise. Along the way, Oscar goes through different phases in his life as any typical person would. Falling in love and even becoming world-famous and all the typical pitfalls that we expect. That's the keyword that weighs down the film though - typical. For a film that has a unique topic, the film felt safe and predictable and took a basic approach to our protagonist's problems. Overall though, the film was a semi-serious, semi-fun romp. It's great but felt like it wasted a lot of potential.
Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- it's an amusing film based on premise alone

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- plays it safe and pretty much predictable
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