Tune in For Love (Yuyeolui Eumagaelbeom): Movie Review

"Tune in for Love" plays with fate, destiny, and the concept of star-crossed lovers that meet time and time again against all odds. The concept is nothing new and the film hastily jumps across years apart without any worries about its impact on its narrative and script. But beyond the stifling structure of its story, the outstanding chemistry and performances from its leads make this a rather emotional and dramatic film even with its faults.

In 1994. Mi-su (Kim Go-eun) works at a bakery inherited from her mother. Hyeon-u (Jung Hae-in) ends up working at the shop, and they slowly start to grow feelings for each other. But time and time again, Hyeon-u's dark past as a juvenile felon catches up with him. And throughout the next decade, Mi-su and Hyeon-u continue to cross paths, but the timing is not always in their favor.
As a story about soulmates, the narrative for "Tune in for Love" seemed to be pointing out the complete opposite as the two main characters always found a way to botch their relationship. This happened numerous times throughout the film. Sometimes substantial, sometimes silly, sometimes limited by the technology of the time they were in. But it was absolutely frustrating at times. Not only because it was getting predictable and repetitive but the time jumps themselves skipped a lot of minute details to make the story tick at full tilt. There were also times that side plots in the narrative just appeared out of nowhere and any major conflicts lacked any development which lessened their dramatic impact. The narrative was so-so but luckily, everything else was actually great. The soundtrack was awesome and we're pretty sure that the music itself had cultural significance that only Koreans will fully grasp. But even with the cultural and language barrier, the songs used sounded and felt perfect and in tune with what was happening on-screen. The biggest asset for the film though were its two leads, Jung Hae-in and Kim Go-eun. Both had stellar performances and chemistry. There were several times throughout the film that we found ourselves feeling the full brunt of the character's pain and joy for each other. "tune in for Love" may have big faults but there's no denying that impactful performances saved this film.
Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- outstanding acting and chemistry from the two leads

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the narrative was good but not great

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