WATCH: CINTA ITU BUTA (LOVE IS BLIND) Trailer - The Indonesian Remake of KITA KITA

Typically, we encounter local remakes of international films or television series but rarely do we find Filipino originals being remade internationally. Even with this, it's not surprising to find out that one of the biggest hits of recent has been adapted into the Indonesian market. "Kita Kita" took the country by storm and and even became the highest-grossing independent film in our history with its very unique style and take on the genre. "Cinta Itu Buta" literally translated to "Love is Blind" will employ the same themes that made the original work. The film will star Shandy Aulia and Dodit Mulyanto in the lead roles and will feature Busan, South Korea as its setting. Luckily for us, Viva Films has decided to release the film in the country starting on November 13, 2019. It would be pretty interesting to see how this "differs" from the original. You can catch the trailer of "Cinta Itu Buta" below:

Opening in Philippine cinemas on November 13, 2019, "Cinta Itu Buta" will be handled locally by Viva Films.

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