WATCH: Romance Comedy Film MIA Releases Trailer Starring Coleen Garcia and Edgar Allan Guzman

From Insight 360 Films and in partnership with Viva Films comes the romantic comedy film "Mia. The film revolves around Jay, a forester enviromentalist, falls in love with Mia, an alcoholic, who recently joined the government’s Doctor To The Barrios program to heal from the untimely death of her fiance. The film is being directed by Veronica Velasco and stars Coleen Garcia and Edgar Allan Guzman. The supporting cast are composed of Yayo Aguila, William Martinez, Billy Crawford, Star Orjaliza, Jeremy Domingo, Sunshine Teodoro, Pau Benitez, and Xenia Barrameda. The film also features its own original soundtrack titled “Sa Iba Na Lang” performed by duo B.O.U. and written by Jayson Dedal. Catch the trailer of "Mia" below:

“Mia” is slated for a nationwide release next year on January 15, 2020.

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