Ghost Stories: Movie Review

It might be a cultural disconnect but Indian horror film "Ghost Stories" failed to muster any fears Worse, the four stories it showcased lacked any depth, rhyme or reason to really exist.
From a nurse who needs to take care of a bed-ridden elderly woman to a woman who has an arranged marriage with a wealthy and handsome bachelor with deep secrets, "Ghost Stories" features four disturbing stories from four directors.
As a horror anthology, "Ghost Stories" severely lacked two important factors in making an anthology work. First, it must have great horror. But to our surprise, there's really nothing scary in the film - not a single minute in fact. The film heavily relied on its disturbing and macabre visuals and heavy-handed twists - which failed to even surprise. Another key factor are the stories themselves. Usually, there's an agenda and a point to be made. These stories will disturb but should also make you think and ponder about yourself, society, and reality. For the four short stories, some had clear but shallow points and some came out pointless. If we could choose a favorite, it would probably be the third story about Bid Town residents becoming zombie-like creatures preying on the citizens of Small Town - but we're really pushing ourselves hard to choose one that stood out as acceptable. Minus it's outstanding visuals and high-budget set pieces, there's nothing much to rave or terrifying about "Ghost Stories".
Rating: 1 reel

Why you should watch it:
- clear and crisp visuals were the only good thing about this film

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the four stories lacked any scares or agendas

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