The Game Changers: Movie Review

"The Game Changers" will pull you in with its sleek, flashy and seemingly scientific approach on the subject of a plant-based diet. Unfortunately, the documentary is hampered by being too much of a one-sided affair - focusing all it's efforts to prove that vegan is the only way to go. An approach that meant that the documentary felt literally unbelievable and one that we need to take with a grain of salt.
We follow James Wilks as he travels the world to meet athletes and discover the benefits of going on a plant-based diet in their fields of expertise.
As a documentary about going vegan, "The Game Changers" will make you at least think about your diet during its one and a half hour run time. With all the positive things about going on a plant-based diet, it seemed at first impressive and magical. The film's approach on going with James Wilks as its main narrator and his own personal experience and research put some heavy credibility into the documentary. During its first half hour or so, "The Game Changers" was a fascinating watch as it tries to debunk that vegans are weaker. But as soon as we get into its major "scientific" experiments and the conspiracy of the meat industry funding research to denounce veganism, things slowly felt too good to be true, biased, and bordering on being sold some snake oil. "The Game Changers" pushes for a 100% plant-based diet making it seem like eating even a single meal of meat will be harmful for your health. This idea felt an extreme in itself and the film felt a little too biased to sell veganism as a whole. What the film succeeded to do is at least made us think about our food consumption and how plants are as important as meat if not more so. If it could have pushed for the sustainability aspect more than the psuedoscience experiments, this could have been a well-rounded and much effective documentary.
Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- flashy and sleek presentation meant that this documentary never got boring

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- felt like a biased and one-sided affair

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