The Lighthouse: Movie Review

"The Lighthouse" by Robert Eggers is going to be an acquired taste. The craziness that ensues will be divisive. It fights with your instincts as a viewer who seeks for clarity in what you're experiencing. But fully immerse yourself into its depravity and vagueness then "The Lighthouse" easily transforms itself into masterpiece.
Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson) and Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe) are sent four weeks on an isolated island to maintain a lighthouse off the coast of New England. The two men do not go off well from the get-go and as the days pass by, this remains so. But when a severe storm hits the island on the day they are supposed to go home, Ephraim and Thomas must endure more of themselves for an unknown duration.
If your definition of a horror film is usually limited to monsters and ghouls then "The Lighthouse" will most likely disappoint you. Its horror is not in those elements but primarily rooted in thebreaking down of the human psyche as the madness of isolation, insecurities and secrets eat up two men's lives. From the get-go, it would be easy to be allured by the unique visuals of "The Lighthouse" alone. Robert Eggers showcases a style that fits the film's actual timeline in real-life but not only that, perfectly accentuates the disturbing nature of the film. The greyish overtones and camera work made each scene seem like a painting on canvass on their own right.
More than the visuals, the film will be defined by its actors. Robert Pattinson delivers the performance of his life while Willem Dafoe makes this one of his best. For a film that features two men in an old dilapidated lighthouse, the film never felt slow or bogged down. It had perfect pacing and all. As for the story, it is as muddled and inconsistent as its protagonists. But that's what really makes this an experience in itself. the open-ended nature and disjointed structure means that the film should impact each viewer differently.
Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the acting and pacing are just perfect
- beyond the visuals, the narrative is disturbing but full of depth

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- this will be an acquired taste of a film

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