Blood On Her Name: Movie Review

We love stories that delve into the inner workings of morality - those that tiptoe and break the definition of good from bad, right from wrong, black from white. "Blood On Her Name" is one such film. The film was a tense-filled affair that delivers a very deep and emotional look into the psyche and destructive life of our protagonist.
When a woman (Bethany Anne Lind) accidentally kills a man who was robbing her shop, she initially tries to cover-up by dumping the body for good. But when her conscience eats her up, she is forced to consider returning the dead man's body to his family. The decision, out of good will, might just bring her and her family's ultimate undoing.
If there's one thing that makes "Blood On Her Name" a successful character piece, it would be Bethany Anne Lind. She brought in one heck of a performance as a struggling mother with a dark past and even darker secret and one with a guilty conscience to boot. Her performance was not only authentic but it was powerful. The film had a simple narrative to follow but Lind's acting brought in a lot of color, nuance, and dilemma into the mix. So much so that we felt that the film's story was a bit of a letdown against her performance. The narrative was solid and it had a lot of moral conflicts in between but it failed to reveal everything - specifically the back story of why our main character Leigh Tiller did what she did. It was really hard to root for Leigh as her dark past began to unravel and knowing that she wasn't as innocent as she was making herself to be. There's this foreboding sense of dread all throughout the film - viewers knowing that there really isn't a good ending for anyone involved - and we actually loved that. Matthew Pope was able to wrap things up effectively and efficiently making the whole experience last less than 90 minutes without feeling short-changed. "Blood On Her Name" will ultimately make you think about its dilemmas and issues and will keep you involved throughout its running time. How many films can actually boast about that?
Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- gripping performance from Bethany Anne Lind as an accidental killer with a guilty conscience
- this movie will make you think

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- it's hard to root for a protagonist with a very dark past
- the real back story was left unanswered
"Blood On Her Name" is available on select U.S. cinemas and English-based VOD platforms starting February 28, 2020 from Vertical Entertainment.
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