Ford v Ferrari (Le Mans '66): Movie Review

Don't let its title fool you. This ain't a film about the car companies Ford and Ferrari's duel to one up each other in the LeMans 24 Hour race nor is it about the big wigs behind them namely Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari. It's about the men behind the magic, the two unsung heroes - and their crazy and inspiring partnership - that made the unthinkable happen.
Struggling to make themselves more hip, the Ford Company decides to make an offer to buy Ferrari. But when Enzo Ferrari refuses and insults Henry Ford II at the same time, the man behind Ford vows to take revenge by winning the LeMans 24 Hour Race and to beat Ferrari at all costs. Tasked to do the insurmountable job is Carol Shelby (Matt Damon) and the talented but hot-headed British racing driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale).
Car films have always had a special place in our film experience. Nothing beats the exhilaration you get from racing - may it be in the street or tracks - that really amps up the action. "Ford v Ferrari" makes sure that it gets its racing bits down to form. It was able to capture the intricacies of being inside a racing car and the inhuman skills to wield one. Other than that, the biggest defining point for the film was its narrative. We loved how it heavily revolves around the people behind the scenes. The designers, the mechanics, and what-not that made the feat possible without their expertise and boldness to go against the big bosses. It's not only a story about building the perfect car to beat Ferrari but also the real struggle against people who have their own agendas beyond the task of winning. It's no surprise to see that the acting was top-notch with Christian Bale easily leading the way. His portrayal of the foul-mouthed and blunt Ken Miles was astounding. Overall, "Ford v Ferrari" was an awesome experience. Don't think this film will be for car nuts alone. It's a film for everyone to be inspired on.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- Strong narrative and acting
- Able to capture the thrill of racing

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- It's not really Ford versus Ferrari but more like Ford vs Ford

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