IP MAN 4: THE FINALE Set to Open in Philippine Cinemas on February 26, 2020

The grand finale for the "Ip Man" film series is arriving in Philippine cinemas February 26, 2020. The fifth film in the franchise and the fourth film to headline Ip Man, a real person who is most famous for being Bruce Lee's mentor in Wing Chun. While the film series has taken liberties in portraying Ip Man's life, the series has been known for its fight choreography and action sequences. "Ip Man 4: The Finale" promises to be the best ever in the series and even touts to feature Donnie Yen's best fight choreography on film. The film has garnered a 88% Fresh Rating in Rotten Tomatoes and stars Donnie Yen, Wu Yue, Vanness Wu, Scott Adkins, Kent Cheng, Danny Chan and Ngo Ka-nin. The film is being directed by Wilson Yip. Catch the trailer of "Ip Man 4": The Finale" below:

Locally distributed by Hiraya Global Films Inc., "Ip Man 4: The Finale" is scheduled to open in local cinemas starting February 26, 2020.
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