Uncut Gems: Movie Review

A chaotic and emotional roller coaster ride, "Uncut Gems" transports viewers into the crazy and high risk life of its protagonist Howard Ratner. It's a cautionary tale that will leave you in shock and awe from its first minute to last.
Diamond dealer and gambling addict Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler) is in a whole heap of trouble when his brother-in-law loan shark Arno wants his loan paid back asap. Out of desperation, Howard balances pawning goods, betting dangerously, and praying for his big break with a shipment of rare Ethiopian opal to save him from his piling troubles. But when every plan he makes fails spectacularly, can Howard survive or is he literally digging his own grave with every decision he makes?
No, the first thing that captured our attention in "Uncut Gems" was not Adam Sandler but actually its up-close and personal cinematography by the Safdie Brothers. The camera work was relentless and takes you right in front of the action. Mix this with the chaotic and as menacing nature of as its main character Howard Ratner, "Uncut Gems" was one of the most stressful and tension-filled films we have ever experienced. Literally, from the time the film started to the last scene, there was an immense weight and on-the-edge feeling that never goes away. Of course, this works because of the stupendously amazing acting performance from Adam Sandler. He just showed the world that he is one heck of an actor with the right material and this is his best performance yet. Beyond Sandler, we were surprised by newcomer Julia Fox. This is her first film but the way she acted we never would have known if we didn't know. Another positive for "Uncut Gems" was its script. The way the characters interacted felt natural and unscripted and just adds more authenticity to the characters within this world. The biggest downside for "Uncut Gems" in our opinion was its story. It was hard to follow and had us scratching our heads at times. It was just rough at certain portions and had some weird moments that seem unreal.  
Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- Adam Sandler delivers the performance of a lifetime
- Relentless and frenetic, this is one stressful film to watch

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the narrative was rough at certain portions
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