Act Out Your Favorite #KwentongJollibee Scenes in Jollibee's TikTok Challenge

Keeping the #KwentongJollibee fever more alive than ever even with social distancing, Jollibee brings Filipinos a relevant outlet where they can showcase their flair for singing, dancing, and acting, to be shared to a wider audience at the comfort of their own homes. Aspiring artists and content creators can share their creativity and talents as Jollibee launches its new channel on  TikTok. The #KwentongJollibee TikTok challenge, which encourages users to duet or lip sync the juicy bits of their favorite Batch 2020 #KwentongJollibee episode, has swiftly gained 12.7 million views. Done in partnership with BBH Singapore, this is the first time that Jollibee utilizes this platform to engage with avid fans of its hit Valentine series.

For example, TikTok users who got caught up in “#CoupleGoals” can lip sync to the taxi showdown scene and pretend they are Matt and Lisa arguing. They can also do a duet as Myles together with the dreamy Ron from the best-performing episode “Apart” and act as if they are a couple sharing a sweet kilig moment. Lastly, TikTok users can re-enact a funny scene from “Space” and pretend they are Mae, whom the lovestruck Dan is trying to patch things up with.

Get your vocals, dancing, and acting moves ready and share your own creative take of the #KwentongJollibee Valentine’s episodes! Join the fun by downloading the TikTok app, and post your #KwentongJollibee challenge at Jollibee's official Tiktok page (

If you haven't seen the #KwentongJollibee episodes this year, you can view all of them below:

Directed by Ianco dela Cruz (also directed the previous #KwentongJollibee shorts “Vow” and “Choice”), “#CoupleGoals” tells the story of Matt and Lisa, a happy couple who couldn’t be more perfect for each other, or so their social media photos say. Is their relationship as flawless as it appears?

“Space” follows the story of funnyman Dan, who goes out of his way to show his girlfriend Mae how much he cares but their differences have pushed the couple apart. Directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo (best known for the hit film "Kita Kita"), this episode begs the question: In the age where finding someone new as easy as a swipe, is true love is just as easy to find?

Lovebirds Myles and Ron are the center of the story titled “Apart”, directed by Pepe Diokno. Myles is strong-willed and self-sufficient, and Ron feels like he doesn’t have a place in her world. Does true love prevail or are they better off apart?

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