The Last Thing He Wanted: Movie Review

From its title alone, "The Last Thing He Wanted" already gives you an idea on what it's completely about - it's the last thing you wanted - if ever you decide to give it a go. Even its all-star cast cannot save this incomprehensible mess from complete and utter disaster.
Elena McMahon (Anne Hathaway) is a no-holds barred reporter held back when she is assigned to cover the 1984 Presidential elections. She finds a much needed out when she needs to take care of her dying father (Willem Dafoe). One of his wishes is that she completes an underground deal he has brokered with a man named Max Epperson worth a million dollars. What seemed to be a simple exchange completely escalates when she inherits his position as an arms dealer for Central America.
Where do we even begin? "The Last Thing He Wanted" was a very hard film to watch as we found really not one good reason about it. The biggest issues that we found were the film's narrative consistency and development or lack thereof for both and the overly-complicated and self-aware script. First, the story itself is a doozy. It didn't really make any sense or it was just too hard to follow and comprehend. The film failed to make all of its scenes connect and gel making the experience feel disjointed throughout its run time. It doesn't help that the script was all over the place too. Characters tended to talk in a manner that came out forced and unnatural. The script and the film felt like it was trying to sound and be smart but we all know it really wasn't. The whole thing was just incomprehensible as we tried our best to understand what was happening but we just couldn't get the whole picture together. If you also thought that this is a thriller, then you'll be left severely disappointed. It isn't thrilling, it isn't surprising, and it definitely lacks any heavy dose of action sequences.
Rating: 0 reels

Why you should watch it:
- even for mindless fun, we wouldn't even recommend it

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the story is a mish-mash of nonsense
- even an all-star cast cannot save this incomprehensible disaster
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