Block Z: Movie Review

A forgettable and run-of-the-mill zombie experience, there's little reason to rave about Mikhail Red's "Block Z". His supposedly most ambitious project feels like a big fat lie.
A sudden zombie outbreak happens at San Lazaro University. Trapped and quarantined by the army, a group of friends must fight the undead as they find a way to escape the school grounds unscathed.
What a disappointment. This is the first thing that came into our minds after watching "Block Z". There are a lot of things to nitpick against the film but the most blatant of all is how ordinary it turned out to be. The film is ordinary in the sense that there's nothing new about it and it's a generic "survive the night" horror zombie film. While it had some interesting twists into the concept of zombies, it failed to make a deeper dive into its zombie lore. Zombies here are afraid of water and certain humans are immune to the disease for example but barring from mentioning it once or a handful of times, the film doesn't explain much further than it is similar to rabies. It also didn't help that Mikhail Red struggled to juggle in between character's across the school grounds throughout the night. The only saving grace for the film is that it was never afraid to kill off its main characters left and right. There's this sense that no one is safe and that helped a lot with tension. Acting-wise, we have no major complaints but there's also no one that exceptionally stood out. Overall, the film was just okay. It's nothing special but not terrible either.
Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- it wasn't afraid to kill off characters left and right

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- a generic and forgettable zombie experience
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