Born Beautiful: Movie Review

If you loved " Die Beautiful" then you'll love "Born Beautiful". The film has the same vibe as the first film but with less drama in exchange for more hijinks. While the film had issues with its first half, it eventually finds its footing to salvage the experience as a whole.
After the untimely deaths of his best friends Trisha (Paolo Ballesteros) and Princess (VJ Mendoza), Barbs (Martin del Rosario) seriously reflects back on his life. Thinking that being gay is the reason for his bad luck, he finds himself becoming a straight man. When this fails spectacularly, Barbs finds himself becoming gay bur with more problems than before as he needs to decide between two men and even a woman.
This film is provocative as it is thought-provoking. At the end of the day, that is what matters most. "Born Beautiful", like the first film, still had a lot to say and to show about the personal lives of its queer characters and that is one of the biggest reasons why we loved it. Unfortunately, the film did drag a bit in its first half specifically on Barbs' decision to become a man while becoming entangled in an extreme boot camp in the process. The whole segment felt off-beat and the film could have worked without spending as much time as it did on that portion of the film. The film's decision to replace Christian Bables with Martin del Rosario luckily worked out. Martin del Rosario provided the same outstanding performance as the actor he replaced and much props to him. For those that expect drama from this film, "Born Beautiful" has little to offer but it replaces it with a lot more humor. So overall, "Born Beautiful" is quite enjoyable honestly but it is definitely not as substantial as its predecessor. 
Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- well-acted like the first film

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- not as substantial as its predecessor
- replaces drama with a lot more humor

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