Eyes Wide Shut: Movie Review

Being Stanley Kubrick's last film, "Eyes Wide Shut" has been a film we have always wanted to see for the longest time. It's one that has been hyped up through the years. Even with all the anticipation, the film doesn't disappoint - even after two decades since its release. More than ever, it is a film that encapsulates why Kubrick is one of the greats. "Eyes Wide Shut" will woo you with its deep narrative, hypnotic visuals, and unsettling tone.
When Dr. Bill Harford (Tom Cruise) finds out that his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) had contemplated having an affair and leaving him and his child for another man, he finds himself contemplating going on a sexual tryst of his own. But when he finds himself infiltrating a secret masked orgy society, it seems he has seriously bitten more than he can chew and his life and his family maybe on the line.
The first thing that came into our minds while seeing "Eyes Wide Shut" was how they don't make films like these anymore. In an era where running times have shortened and narratives and the dilemmas are spoon fed to viewers, "Eyes Wide Shut" was a complete system shock. The film takes it time and what a wonderful experience it was. The first thing you'll notice would be the outstanding camera work by Stanley Kubrick. Each scene was perfect and took its time to showcase its set. The camera weaved and moved and takes viewers into the harrowing eyes of our lead character Bill. But more than the camera work, the narrative is as impressive. It's extremely intricate with some elements in-your-face while others hidden for the viewer to eventually contemplate. It has themes about marriage, sex, infidelity, and even society. Even more than twenty years after, the film is still relevant and shocking. As for the acting, Tom Cruise was impressive. We won't say this is his one of his best performances but nevertheless he delivered a powerful and memorable one. Nicole Kidman and Sydney Pollack delivered as supporting characters. In summary, "Eyes Wide Shut" will leave a mark with you. May it be its erotic tones or more than the sex, the film has a lot to offer that will definitely disturb, shock, and make you think and remember it.
Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- outstanding direction and camera work that takes you right into the action
- the narrative was deep, shocking, and thought-provoking

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- nothing is spoon fed here and leaves a lot of interpretation for the viewer
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