I'm Drunk, I Love You: Movie Review

We're huge suckers for films that do natural ramblings and conversations between two people. The awkwardness, the tension, the mystery just grips us in a way no other medium does. It's no mystery then that we really enjoyed "I'm Drunk, I Love You". But beyond it being a great romantic film on unrequited love, it was an ode to moving on from one's young, silly, and care-free days and facing the unstoppable realities of adulthood.
For seven years, Carson (Maja Salvador) has been in love with her best friend Dio (Paulo Avelino). As Carson is about to graduate from college in a few days, she decides that she will get rid of her young and care-free days including her unrequited love with Dio to finally start fresh after college. But when Dio invites her to a road trip to La Union, things get complicated between the two of them.
Minus the seemingly magical way Maja Salvador is able to stay beautiful with her constant drinking and bickering about her years long unrequited love, "I'm Drunk, I Love You" feels authentic and a film that will be highly-relatable to a its target audience. In our opinion, the film's strongest point was its script and the time it takes to develop the scenes that use them. Scenes will drawl out and at times containing insignificant tidbits of information or ramblings but that is what makes it feel tangible and real in our opinion. Additionally, it helps that the film had solid performances from Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador. But we felt that Maja Salvador was over-acting at times while Paulo Avelino was great but lacking at times. Another touch point was the contained narrative. There's really not much background between Carson and Dio or clear conclusion for audiences to grip on. It's a film that celebrates the present more than the past and the future. Significantly, the film is more than about love. It's refreshing to see a film tackle and even celebrate the unrelenting and unchangeable realities of getting older and needing to move on eventually.
Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- solid script, writing, soundtrack, acting

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the film may not be enjoyable for those who want a typical Filipino romance experience
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