WATCH: PENINSULA, Follow-up to TRAIN TO BUSAN, Releases Action-Packed Trailer

One of the surprise hits back in 2016, the Korean zombie horror film, "Train to Busan" was amazing both in its zombie action and social and political themes. The previous film featured passengers trapped inside a train when a zombie outbreak happens inside. Almost a half a decade after it took the world by storm, the follow-up film "Peninsula" has just released its first-ever trailer. Once again directed by Yeon Sang-ho who emphasizes that while set in the same universe, it is not a sequel, will feature new characters and a new storyline. In the film, four years after the events of "Train to Busan", there is nothing left of Korea except its geography. A crew on a retrieval mission comes under attack and, in the process, discovers more survivors. The film stars Kang Dong-won and Lee Jung-hyun. The trailer, let's just say is action-packed and looks exhilarating:

"Peninsula" has no official release date or distributor yet in the Philippines.
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