Sports and Entertainment - Why the Two Industries Go Hand in Hand

The entertainment world is growing bigger and taking different directions with time. Apart from movies and music, which have greatly dominated this sector, the sports world has joined the bandwagon. A few decades ago, sports fans could only enjoy witnessing live sports in stadiums while giving their support by wearing their favorite team's jersey.

The current world pandemic, COVID-19, has brought the realization that sports is a key entertainment for a majority of the world's population. With the suspension of major sports and public gatherings in stadiums, people are being creative to find alternatives that sports fan can enjoy while on lockdown - today more than ever, one can enjoy sports as a form of entertainment in many ways - streaming matches, betting on teams, playing video games, and a lot more.

Live Streaming of Matches

The sports and the entertainment industries are now working together more than ever before with streaming platforms and TV stations taking the major role. Fans can now enjoy the streaming of live matches as they happen. They do not need to visit the stadium if they do not have the time or money even if it was allowed.

You'll be surprised that even with the coronavirus, players are still active in practice and taking their fitness gear from the Valkyrie website knowing that they will soon resume matches and sports activities. Sports will likely come back soon even if no one will be allowed in stadiums to comply with social distancing regulations. As an example, UFC 249 just happened yesterday and it was successful even without a live crowd.

Sports Games

Another way that these two industries are working together is through the making of sports simulation games. Fans stay entertained with their favorite sports video games while others can watch their favorite sports personalities compete virtually. FIFA video games have been on the frontline as one of the best-selling video games annually. NBA 2K recently held a tournament played by popular NBA players while Formula One personalities like Lando Norris and Charles LeClerc have been burning up the rubber online via their simracing races.

Greatest Games on Replay

If there's one thing great is that there are a lot of ways to relive the greatest moments in sports right now. You can watch video clips of replays. And with the coronavirus crisis, a lot of greatest games are being made available online for free. The NBA for example streams games on a daily basis without cost. You can always find your sports fix right at your fingertips.

Sports Documentaries

There has been a lot of sports documentaries recently that will keep sports fans entertained. Have you seen the two seasons of "Drive to Survive" in Netflix? Or the current running "The Last Dance" telling the story of Michael Jordan's journey to his second three-peat? All of these are amazing in their own right and will keep any sports fan happy for days and weeks to come even without live sports.

You can see the reason why sports and entertainment go hand in hand thank to technology. If you haven't tried it yet, you should. All you need to do is search online and be amazed and entertained right at your couch.
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