Charlie's Angels (2019): Movie Review

There's something about this new version of "Charlie's Angels" that simply feels off. Even with our low expectations, the film falls flat and it gave us mixed emotions. It neither makes a good case why it should exist but have enough bursts of action to be watchable.
It's a new world out there as there are now multiple Bosleys and multiple Charlie's Angels around the world. Two Angels, Sabina (Kristen Stewart) and Jane (Ella Balinska) are assigned to help out on a mission to protect an asset who is about to blow a deadly corporate secret to the agency. But things don't turn out as planned and the Angels find themselves facing an enemy who is as powerful and as cunning as them.
This is a film franchise known for its sex appeal and action than having an actual plot. It's good to know then that this modern revision is presenting women in a more respectful and balanced light. While there are still flashy outfits, it doesn't feel like it was put in there to entice a particular subset of the audience. Aside from that, this is a generic action film at best. It has its twists and turns with its narrative but there is nothing special about it. It was predictable even. Additionally, the action was okay but nothing spectacular. At times, scenes looked great but sometimes it felt like it was shot for a made-for-television movie budget. Acting-wise, Kristen Stewart was annoyingly great but Ella Balinska was disappointing. At its current state, "Charlie's Angels" doesn't make a good stand for it to have another sequel. With other great action franchises out there, it doesn't make a case to stand out.
Rating: 2 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- had its moment of great action

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- predictable and generic


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