Gemini Man: Movie Review

Hyper-focused on its technical aspects, "Gemini Man" forgot that before all the glitz and glamour, you need a solid narrative to boot. This is one film that was one of the hardest films we had to comprehend - or it just basically doesn't make any sense. Either of which you'll have a hard time enjoying the film if you want something more than action alone.
The retirement of Henry Brogan (Will Smith), one of the best assassins in the world, is cut short when he discovers that some of his missions have been manipulated. Now, he is the target of his former peers as they try to kill him before he is able to reveal their secret. Out to get him is a mysterious operative who is as skilled and thinks as he is and eerily looks like his younger self.
You have to commend Ang Lee as "Gemini Man" pushes the boundaries of visual effects. At times, "Gemini Man" was amazing to behold but this was not 100% of the time. Seeing this at home, some of the Smith versus Smith scenes were masterfully-crafted but some scenes had bad uncanny valley and a fake plasticky look and animation. But nothing really prepared us for the film's story. It was over-complicated, hard-to-comprehend, or just out-of-whack. They really tried to put some meat into the story but did they really need to do that? This could have been a simple point to point film and it could have been more effective. If there's one redeeming factor for the film it would be its action. It was silly (especially the fight scene involving a motorcycle) but it was the kind of silly that was fun. Overall, "Gemini Man" had a B-movie story and script with A-list stars and visual effects. Unfortunately, it's extremely bad writing cannot redeem the film.
Rating: 1 and a half reels.

Why you should watch it:
- we have to admit, it was entertaining with its action alone

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the story was a complete mess
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