Unsolved Mysteries (2020) Review

Rebooting a classic television staple is no easy task and it was a complete surprise for us to see Netflix going up to task in reviving "Unsolved Mysteries". The new series unfortunately failed to live up to the original. We understand why significant changes had to be done - like going host-less or focusing on one mystery per episode - but it loses its essence and its soul in the process. The "Unsolved Mysteries" title may have been used but this is going to be a completely off-putting experience for avid fans of the series.

"Unsolved Mysteries" focuses on six mysteries on its comeback. The first episode tackles the weird circumstances of a man's apparent suicide from atop a hotel building. The second episode deals with the sudden disappearance of a hair salon owner. The third episode goes to France and delves into the Dupont de Ligonnès family murder and its missing patriarch. The fourth episode discussed the death of Alonzo Brooks who seem to have been the victim of hate crime not only in death but after. The fifth episode goes supernatural as we hear the stories of residents who experienced the Berkshire UFO encounter. The sixth and final episode looks into the disappearance of Lena Chapin and the murder of her stepfather Gary McCullough.
One of the biggest hooks for the original "Unsolved Mysteries" was its ability to be creepy and spooky. Not only was it a show that discussed true crime but it had discussed obscure phenomena such as ghosts, aliens, and even spontaneous human combustion. Each episode had a mix of these meaning most viewers, whatever they were looking forward to watch, got what they wanted. This modern reboot changes the format completely. There's no host and there's only one case per episode - which was actually forgivable and understandable. But critically, five out of the six episodes tackled true crime. The Netflix reboot leaned heavily on reality but wasn't brave enough to discuss the supernatural and aside from its intro music, there's nothing scary about the 2020 version of "Unsolved Mysteries". In fact, we felt like we were watching any other true crime documentary show you can easily find from Netflix's own slate or Investigation Discovery (ID). As for the cases themselves, it was honestly a mixed bag. We wish they can all be solved soon but the most compelling episodes would be the second and third episodes in our opinion. Sadly, "Unsolved Mysteries" had the ability to be different but decided to play it safe while in the process destroying the legacy it was trying to emulate.
Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- the second and third episodes are compelling cases

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- lacks the soul and charisma of the original
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