Finding You: Movie Review

Senseless and pointless. "Finding You" is a romance drama film that has all the wrong feels and all the wrong setups by being too reliant and stifled by its premise. Worst of all, it's lead character wasn't relatable, redeemable or even likable - completely turning into a selfish and heartless person towards the girls of his past just to satisfy his own urges.

Nel (Jerome Ponce) has a condition that gives him the ability to remember everything in his past. But when he discovers that he is unable to remember certain days in his past concerning a mysterious woman, he enlists the help of his best friend Kit (Jane Oineza) to revisit his exes in the hope that one of them is the girl who broke his heart and memory.
What did we just watch? "Finding You" was a complete waste of time. The problems are endless but the biggest issue of all was its writing and characterization of its lead character Nel. The film plays around with a condition called hyperthymesia or literally remembering every detail in your past. But it seemed that the writing was forcing itself into this idea too much making the story too constricted and too limited - and making a complete mess in the process. The hardest hit was the character of Nel. Not only was he selfish but he was also a prick to the people who love him. From sudden bursts of anger and hatred to just plain playing around with the emotions of his past loves, the writing made sure that no one would relate to Nel's plight - even after all the revelations explain his dire situation. For us, it certainly didn't justify the cruel things that he did to the people he cared for most. Acting-wise, the film was surprisingly so-so. Outside Jerome Ponce's great performance, no one really caught our attention. Likewise, its cinematography was mixed. Some scenes were great too look at but these were few and far in between. "Finding You" tries to play with the concept of unforgettable pasts but how we wish right now that we can erase this film from our own memory.
Rating: 0 reels

Why you should watch it:
- if you want to waste your time go ahead

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the lead character was cruel and unrelatable
- limited by forcing hyperthymesia into its narrative

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