Hindi Tayo Pwede: Movie Review

It would be a blasphemous to even acknowledge or think that "Hindi Tayo Pwede" was inspired by the 1990 classic hit film "Ghost" because the film was simply that atrocious. It's rare that we find a film that we had a hard time finishing but "Hindi Tayo Pwede" falls into that category. It's silly, haphazardly made, and we think even the actors knew it resulting to uninspired and stifled performances.

Gabby (Lovi Poe) and Dennis (Marco Gumabao) have been best friends for years. Gabby doesn't know that Dennis has feelings for her. But when Gabby accidentally meets the man of her life with Gabriel (Tony Labrusca), Dennis has to accept that he will never get Gabby. But one fateful night, Gabby gets into a car accident and dies. Instead of moving on, Gab finds Gabby right in front of her eyes able to touch him and feel him but no one else. Their secret relationship last for a time but can Gabby still have a normal life when she puts her real-life around a ghost?
Oh boy, where do we start with this disaster? "Hindi Tayo Pwede" deeply affected us not because it was a dramatic film but it's one of the worst films we have experienced in quite awhile. For a film that discussed the ins and outs of writing a great movie, the film fell into the very same pitfalls and mistakes it was describing. The thing that really irked us was the lack of any direction in its story and production. The love triangle between Gabby, Gab, and Dennis was toxic at its core and the developments between these characters were rushed or forced. The film simply lacked a moral core focusing on forced drama than substantial drama. Put in the supernatural aspect and the story even got a whole lot sillier. We have to admit that the concept had potential to actually have a great hook with its take on moving on and acceptance, but the film simply failed to build and execute on this premise. Another thing that we noticed was the production and soundtrack. The songs and background music chosen just felt off (some sounding it should have been made for a comedy film rather than a drama film) and an obvious second-rate attempt at copying the song from the 1990 film we promised not to mention again. The film just felt like a rushed film. It had a lot of glaring mistakes and unnecessary bloat even for a one and a half hour film. This felt like it could have worked better being a local telenovela than a film. Overall, the actors in the film might look good but there's nothing good about "Hindi Tayo Pwede" and it was totally a waste of time.
Rating: .5 reel

Why you should watch it:
- there's nothing good about this film outside eye-candy

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the narrative was extremely bad
- the production and soundtrack was just as horrendous


  1. tried watching this yesterday. backed out after 5minutes.

  2. True. The first five minutes alone looked suspicious already of the film's overall quality. It never did improve from that lousy start.