Thai Heist Thriller BAD GENIUS Spin-Off Series Now on IFLIX AND WeTV - and It's FREE to Stream

With most of us spending a lot of our time at home, we're all still busy with work, with school, that side-hustle, or your new venture and a well-placed break is always a good idea. So why not spend it discovering a new show with a tried and true premise? "Bad Genius" is the latest series on iflix and WeTV and the best part is you can watch it for free with no subscription fees required. If you're not aware, the series is the spin-off of the Thai heist thriller film of the same name. The film became the highest-grossing movie in Thailand back in 2017 and has a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating. The film, inspired by true events, tells the story of four teenagers as they band together to make money by helping other students cheat on their exams and pass their classes.

The new production will continue to tell the characters’ stories, but this time featuring a whole new cast of young talent. June Plearnpichaya Komalarajun takes on the role of Lynn, a genius-level student on scholarship who realizes she can help others cheat on exams for some extra cash, Jaonaay Jinjett Wattanasin as fellow genius classmate Bank, Ice Paris Intarakomalyasut and Sawanya Paisarnpayak round out the crew as newfound friends Pat and Grace. Their relationships with each other are put to the test (pun intended) as they maneuver their way through high school while trying out different (sometimes wild) cheating tactics. The new series is produced by Thailand-based production company GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness). The first two episodes of "Bad Genius" are now up on iflix and WeTV, with two new episodes dropping every week.

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