WATCH: Snyder Cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE Teaser Unveiled at DC FanDome

Allelujah indeed. Audiences will remember how 2017's "Justice League" came out with lukewarm responses. Director Zack Snyder has been vocal that the theatrical cut was heavily limited and severely influenced by executives for all the wrong reasons. And now, audiences are finally getting the version of "Justice League" they deserved in the first place. Called the "Snyder Cut", the trailer was officially unveiled in the DC FanDome event ( which is still currently running. The trailer already looked a whole lot better than the original release with new scenes showcasing so much more details and visual effects having more polish. Catch the trailer below:

The Snyder Cut is 4 hours long and currently slated for an exclusive HBO Max release in the U.S. while U.K. audiences will get a 4-part mini series and a movie. No details yet for the Philippines. It is slated to releae sometime in 2021.
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