Sleepless (2015): Movie Review

Labeling "Sleepless" as a romance drama film would be incorrect. The film didn't feature any romantic twist between our protagonists - very much unlike the local mentality that it is a requirement for almost all film genres to have a romantic relationship within its narrative. For some this could be an instant turnoff but "Sleepless" proves that romance isn't the be all and end all factor as it provides a substantial, moving, and even thought-provoking experience regardless.

Gem (Glaiza de Castro) has had trouble sleeping as her work as a call center agent has wreaked havoc with her internal body clock. But when she meets Barry (Dominic Roco), she finds out that he also suffers from same insomnia. The two decide to spend their sleepless nights together and in the process they find out the real issues that are plaguing and keeping them awake.
We won't deny the fact that we were actually anticipating a sudden turn of events between our lead characters - that they suddenly kiss, hug, or admit their love for each other by the time the credits rolled. But this never came to be and we actually applaud the film for daring to be different. "Sleepless" actually provided another kind of love - one that is more basic and more primal - which is caring deeply for a friend without any romantic thoughts involved. The film was well-paced as it slowly unveiled the intimate secrets of the characters of Gem and Barry and crucially, we actually found ourselves really caring and rooting for the success of each character. This was also bolstered by the great chemistry and acting between Glaiza de Castro and Dominic Roco which came off natural and poignant at all the right moments. Admittedly, the film didn't have a solid conclusion for each character giving audiences only a glimmer of hope that they are on their way to the correct path. In our opinion, while the ending was open-ended, we found it provided enough clear context to be satisfying and for audiences to draw a conclusion on their own. Finally, the cinematography was outstanding but the animated portions were unnecessary and off-putting at times. Overall, "Sleepless" is a film that won't feature romantic love but still gave the right feels in its most intimate moments.
Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- an unconventional, non-romance drama that still gave all the right feels

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- had some issues with its animated segments
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