Exes Baggage: Movie Review

Bolstered by great cinematography and undeniable chemistry, "Exes Baggage" has a lot to offer for those who seek the typical romance drama affair. The keyword here is typical though because this film, even with its great moments, doesn't do anything fresh or new.

Two years after their break-up, Nix (Carlo Aquino) and Pia (Angelica Panganiban) accidentally meet again for the first time at a party. As expected, the two start their conversation awkwardly but soon get the courage to discuss what made their seemingly great relationship at the time fail to work.  

With its sleek cinematography, it's easy to be allured by the world that Director Dan Villegas presents in "Exes Baggage". There are scenes in the film that could easily fit in a photo book collection. It's definitely its strongest point but we have to remember that this is a romance drama film and in that aspect, the film slightly falters. For us, it was the actual relationship that the narrative was built on. Not only was it toxic but the film failed to develop the real backstories properly for each character. For example, the film relied heavily on exes that appear out of the blue to shake things up - making them out to be "relationship breakers". But the context was mostly missing and the conflict that arises from these interactions felt shallow and forced at best. Disappointingly, this problem meant that the great chemistry and well-written script goes to waste. While these scenes were still impactful, we just couldn't shake the feeling it could have been even more effective with better character development. Overall, "Exes Baggage" does enough to be great but falls short of becoming remarkable.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:

- Great chemistry and script

- Cinematography was astounding

Why you shouldn't watch it:

- Character development was lackluster

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