Over the Moon: Movie Review

We just couldn't get into "Over the Moon". Much as we wanted to love it, we just couldn't stop comparing it to better animated classics that came before it. Sad to say, but on our end, "Over the Moon" definitely came out as too generic because of an all-too-familiar narrative.
After losing her mom, Fei Fei (Cathy Ang) has never been the same. Things get worse for the teen when she learns that her father is engaged to Ms. Zhong (Sandra Oh). Desperate to make her father realize the ills of his ways, Fei Fei builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of Chang'e (Phillipa Soo) - a legendary Moon Goddess. She gets what she asks for but Chang'e and her whimsical land of fantastical creatures isn't what she imagined it to be.
If we sound disappointed, we definitely are. We had big expectations for "Over the Moon" and on some level, it had everything to have made it work. Its story had the potential to be emotional and captivating, it had well-written songs, and even interesting lore behind it. But sadly, the end result came out just too generic and too bland. It was as if the whole experience was a mish-mash of inspirations from various animated films all pulled together to complete the 100-minute experience. Like if we wanted a more emotional story on moving on from a loved one's death, there's "Coco" or if we wanted a more effective comedic side character, there's Olaf from "Frozen". Essentially, "Over the Moon" is good but its a master of none and it doesn't break any molds at the end of the day. But all is not bad though. In fact, the soundtrack was its strongest asset with songs that could easily rival the best out there. Its visuals also come a close second with its colorful and vibrant palette that are outstandingly animated as well.   
Rating: 2 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- the songs and visuals can rival any Disney or Pixar release

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the narrative and overall product came out as bland
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