Unsolved Mysteries Volume II (2020) Review

Just a few months after its release, we once again get new episodes for the modern remake of "Unsolved Mysteries". While the end result is still more or less the same, which basically means it doesn't hold a candle a to the original, this second salvo had a more emotional touch that made it a little bit better this time around

Volume 2 once again explores six new  cases. The first case looks into the mysterious death of White House aide Jack Wheeler. The second case looks into a woman who commits suicide without any identification. The third case tackles the escape and pursuit of a murderer. The fourth case goes to Japan to look into the numerous ghost encounters after the 2011 tsunami. The fifth case explores the apparent suicide of JoAnn Romain. And finally, the final case looks into two kids who were stolen in the same playground in New York back in 1989.

There's a certain kind of dejavu when watching "Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2". Same as in Volume 1, we get five true crime cases and one supernatural one. The whole season in fact felt like it was an overextended episode from the original "Unsolved Mysteries". But what's different this time around is that there seemed to be a heavier focus on the emotional aspects of particular cases. When the show decides to do this, it truly shines but like in the previous volume, some cases just felt less substantial and less interesting. For example, there were instances that we felt like it needed more exploration and explanation like in "Lady in the Lake" where its victim had death threats but it wasn't really explored why there was one in the first place. Due to this, there were times when we actually lost interest feeling that some accusations were being forced for the sake of it. Our favorites though were "Tsunami Spirits" and "Stolen Kids" that had us emotionally engaged. The former mixes ghosts and a disaster in such a way that made the supernatural a little less scary and one that also explores it in a light we haven't seen tackled before. At this point, "Unsolved Mysteries" is yet to really impress but it is getting better.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:

- cases like the one in Japan and stolen kids were very emotional in a good way

Why you shouldn't watch it:

- some cases just didn't feel like they were substantial enough

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