Alter Me: Movie Review

“Alter Me” may have flashy graphics and cinematography, funny script, and even moments of emotional peaks but there is no denying that its plot and narrative was paper thin - lacking any depth to enable any significant and substantial impact to its audience.

Aimee (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) is an HR manager who has disconnected from the social world for the longest time. This has led her to being hard to work with and hated by colleagues at work due to her short and bad temperament. To help solve her problems, her friend suggests she try the social platform called “Alter World” to spice up her social and personal life. She books the most coveted male escort in the platform and by chance turns out to be Uno (Enchong Dee) - an old acquaintance from college. Their first meet-up turns out to be quite a success and Aimee books Uno exclusively believing he can help her better connect with other people. Things become complicated when Uno, a hopeless romantic out for real love, wants more from their professional set-up - which is not part of their deal.
For a film that tackles a taboo subject in the country, “Alter Me” turned out to be a generic romance comedy with an R-18 recommendation tacked onto it. Outside its sexualized script and about 30 seconds of sensual scenes, there’s nothing that really justified the rating. If you think you’ll get more from the film like commentaries on sex, social media, and socializing in general, then you’ll be sorely disappointed. Worse, the plot and eventual development of its narrative and characters were either full of genre tropes or ultimately under-developed that will leave you rolling your eyes quite a lot of times. If your main character has past issues that suddenly pop out of nowhere then you know you did a bad job at developing your story. But we must admit, we never really got bored with the film. While its story was disappointing, its script turned out to be very entertaining. We also thought the cast provided hearty and satisfying performances especially from leads Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Enchong Dee, and supporting actress Via Antonio. Via Antonio in particular really stood out in our opinion with her lively vibe. But nothing can discount the fact that “Alter Me” doesn’t have an interesting story to tell. It’s simply too basic and an unsatisfying experience overall. If you’re out for a no-nonsense time-waster, then “Alter Me” might work for you. But there are definitely better romance comedy films out there that offer more substance, depth, and complications for its audience.
Rating: 2 reels
Why you should watch it: 
- had satisfying performances from its leads and Via Antonio 

Why you shouldn’t watch it: 
- had a very basic narrative 
- nothing new to offer in terms of experience
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